Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Surprise!!! I am back.

Oh my god oh my godd  oh my goddd!

There's more than four months that I didn't update here and don't even sign in. I can bet that all my reader has gone. T.T

What I'd done in the past few month..

Prepared for the coming Chinese New Year..
Parties everyday during CNY..
My birthday on March..
and, I went Taiwan for one month!!

can you get the point that I actually want to share with you guys?loll
That is... I went Taiwan for a month and had a amazing awesome wonderful memories at there. :)

I have so much things want to share here! Well, that's not an easy job to write what was happened when I'm in Taiwan.So here I want to show you guys some big change about me in these few months.

Guess what, I cut my long long hair off. *clapssssssss*

The hairstyle in this photo was the first time I cut my hair off.
Never know I can be so cool!! XD



Selca on my birthday:( 
Holy.. I didn't blog about my 21st big day this year. 
I can't believe it~~~!!

I changed to this hairstyle after I came back from Taiwan. Cut my hair shorter than before.
I'm addict in short hairstyle now!

Love it so so muchhie :*

All of them ask me the reason that why I cut my long hair off and said I am so brave to do it. They even think I'm disappointed in love. LOL Someone said I look better with long hair...but, who cares!!

Starting to get used to my new look ok?



Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mama!!

Had a simple dinner with mua mommy yesterday :P
Just simply share the photo of yesterday here.

mummy look so young in this photo :*


" Food of the day "

I decided to post this first because my post haven't done yet!XD
Sorry for the lack of update :(




Saturday, December 22, 2012

Legoland Malaysia Part 1


Yea! Finally can blog about my Legoland trip. I spent few hours to edit all the photo.400++ of photo i think :X It's better that I separate to two part :) I went Legoland last month with Mr.J and his colleagues. I thought it was a boring trip but actually it's quite nice!

There was a sunny morning, Mr.J and I gonna meet his colleagues about 10.30am and we decided to go there about 9.00am. There's some incident after we set out. I am a super blur person who always forget things and bring trouble to someone else. This time I forgot to bring my wallet at first, after that is sunglass or something I can't remember. Mr.J was speechless to me. But fortunately his colleagues didn't wait for us because they're stuck in car jam all the way from Singapore.

Selca is a MUST while waiting his colleagues

Hello, welcome to Legoland Malaysia!

The queues in front the counter. You can't see much people here but effectively there were so many people there. Students, families, friends and couples... 

While queuing to buy tickets.

Outfit of the day 

Finally got our ticket after half an hour of queue.

If you have no sense of direction like me, don't forget to take a map after entered.

Mini Market to shop some souvenir. Love those cute Lego key chain but they are are a little bit pricey :P

Kiss kiss fall in love

This Lego uncle is snoring. It actually surprised me! #likeakid

*wink* with the painter

kay, they are changing the tyre of the van/car. They will move up and down and sound very heavy too! #cute

SPOT the Kedai Runcit on the photo above. It's exquisitely!

another closeup


They are screaming for the people on the stage wtf

Awww, it's so Malaysian! Love it!


Don't worry if you don't know the name or history of the building. There's always have a information board (i don't know how to describe the board, please tell me if you know about it thks) in front the building. 

unlucky raining day :(

That's all for today! Wait for my part 2 ok? More photo to share loll

Stay tunes, XOXO